Patrick J. Blackburn is a singer/songwriter out of Durham, North Carolina, performing modern, alternative, mostly acoustic, pop and folk rock. He performs songs that continually focus on providing meaningful lyrics that express the creative and recreative nature of artistic expression. Blackburn's music has been majorly influenced by artists including John Lennon, Bob Dylan, The Beatles, R.E.M., and Sunny Day Real Estate.

He is currently embarking on a new journey into the artistic world of visual art.

Blackburn studied music education and performance at The University of North Carolina. After graduating from college, Blackburn put his dreams of competitive bodybuilding on hold in order to pursue his other passion, teaching band.  He became the band director at W.G. Pearson Elementary, where he formed and maintained the only elementary band in Durham.  After five glorious and historic years dancing and reading about pigeons eating hot dogs, Blackburn took the next step in his professional teaching career by taking over the position of band director at Githens Middle School, where he currently resides.

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